About Online Schools in Oklahoma

Online Schools in Oklahoma provides students with a comprehensive listing of schools and colleges offering a full range of degrees and professional certifications through an asynchronous, online model. It’s a great way to evaluate these flexible, self-paced degree programs to determine the best education options for busy students. You’re sure to find Oklahoma online schoolswith career-focused programs to build skills for a new career or deepen your credentials for advancement in your field.

Online Colleges in Oklahoma and the Job Market

In a highly competitive job market, employers evaluate candidates based on experience and educational attainment. More and more Oklahomans are completing college degrees than ever before. Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education report that 1,941 more college degrees and certificates were awarded in the 2001-2012 academic year than the previous year. Grads surpassed state education goals by 94 percent. Oklahoma community colleges saw the largest increase by producing 1,225 more degrees and certificates followed in number by research universities and regional universities.

College degrees and certificates, once a sign of distinction in the hiring line, are now more like prerequisites to gaining an interview in today’s workplace. The U.S. Census reports that nearly 90 percent of all Sooners over the age of 25 hold high school diplomas, while 23 percent hold at least a bachelors degree. As the level of educational expertise rises in the state, first-time job seekers will need to keep pace. Many of the better-paying jobs simply require employees to have post-graduate training or to complete professional certifications that bench-mark their skills.

In February 2013, The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported a total of 1.8 million employed workers in Oklahoma with a 5.0 percent unemployment rate. Are you prepared for the job market? Oklahoma online colleges offer distinct advantages over campus-based degree programs if you’re an adult with hectic work or family commitments. Let’s look at these:

Top Five Benefits of Enrolling in Online Schools in Oklahoma

When it comes to flexibility of course scheduling and career focus, Oklahoma online colleges are a great alternative to traditional campus-based programs. Do you have access to a computer, tablet or smart phone? Then you have 24/7 access to online schools in Oklahoma. You work at your own pace, during your own hours, from any location that has access to the World Wide Web. If you’re reading this now, you already have the necessary tools to apply, enroll, take courses and graduate from Oklahoma online colleges.

There are no long lines at the college registrar’s office for you. You won’t stand around outside a crowded classroom waiting for your instructor’s permission to join the course. And the wide range of degree programs and certification courses from Oklahoma online schools means you’ll find open classes in the subjects of your choice. The greatest virtue of online colleges in Oklahoma is convenience and flexibility.

  1. Classes that Meet on Your Schedule

    Online colleges in Oklahoma have courses that meet regularly – just like campus schools – but they meet regularly when YOU log in. That means you won’t miss hours at work or time you spend with your family. Yes, you’ll need to log onto your classes on a regular schedule in order to keep up with your learning. The key difference is that you set the schedule. Lectures, discussion threads, multimedia presentations and course notes are all stored remotely, meaning you can access them at your convenience, and go back to them as many times as you like.

  2. . How Asynchronous Learning Works

    When is class in session? When you’re online. Oklahoma online schools enable everyone to participate – just not always at the same time. Watch a lecture late at night, if you wish, when the rest of your classmates are sleeping or upload a paper for your instructor from your work computer. Course materials and requirements at Oklahoma online colleges as are rigorous they are at their campus-based equivalents. That means you’re instructors will look at your participation closely, reading your discussion threads and seeing that you deliver your research materials.
    You’ll also build community. Courses from online schools in Oklahoma require collaboration and communication between students and faculty. Fellow students from far-flung locations learn to partner together in research and test preparation. You’ll build lifelong friendships and invaluable professional relationships.

  3. Cost Factor sat Online Schools in Oklahoma

    Your time is valuable. You may be holding down a full- or part-time job, juggling childcare, or moonlighting at a second job. That makes it nearly impossible to gain traction on your degree program if you need to relocate to a college campus or commute to school. And that’s just the time involved. Now add student body fees for athletics, parking fees, the cost of gasoline or student housing. Online learning begins to look like a great alternative.

  4. Focusing on Your Education

    Most instructors and professors at online schools in Oklahoma have professional experience in your career field and subject major. Your coursework is designed to meet academic criteria while simultaneously exposing students to best-practices in the professional world. You proceed at your own pace, taking courses that build sequentially toward your degree or certificate. You decide which classes to take and when to take them. If your life gets busy, you can reduce your course load or take a semester off without academic penalty.

  5. Career Assistance and Counseling

    Online colleges in Oklahoma don’t report your grades and dump you into the employment pool. You’ll find academic advisors, mentors, counselors and financial aid officers at your disposal. Some Oklahoma online colleges maintain career planning, internships, and job boards for active students and graduates. Learn how to create a portfolio, design a resume that works, and write cover letters to employers. You won’t have to go it alone.

There’s no sugar-coating the challenges that lie ahead in hiring. But now you know how to create an education program in Oklahoma online schools that wraps around your existing life, rather than disrupting it.

Top Online Colleges in Oklahoma

School Name Program Types Enrollment
American Broadcasting School-Online Program Campus, Online 69
Caddo Kiowa Technology Center Campus, Online 187
Cameron University Campus, Online 6,463
Career Point College Campus, Online 385
Carl Albert State College Campus, Online 2,622
Central Technology Center Campus, Online 812
Community Care College Campus, Online 713
East Central University Campus, Online 4,851
Eastern Oklahoma State College Campus, Online 1,946
Family of Faith College Campus, Online 25
Francis Tuttle Technology Center Campus, Online 1,996
Kiamichi Technology Center-Durant Campus, Online 181
Kiamichi Technology Center-Poteau Campus, Online 371
Langston University Campus, Online 2,840
Mid-America Christian University Campus, Online 2,255
Murray State College Campus, Online 2,674
National American University-Tulsa Campus, Online 121
Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College Campus, Online 2,542
Northeastern State University Campus, Online 9,316
Northern Oklahoma College Campus, Online 5,422
Northwestern Oklahoma State University Campus, Online 2,271
Oklahoma City Community College Campus, Online 14,941
Oklahoma City University Campus, Online 3,575
Oklahoma Panhandle State University Campus, Online 1,463
Oklahoma School of Photography Campus, Online 40
Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences Campus, Online 427
Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology-Okmulgee Campus, Online 3,995
Oklahoma State University-Main Campus Campus, Online 24,390
Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City Campus, Online 7,247
Oklahoma Wesleyan University Campus, Online 1,178
Oral Roberts University Campus, Online 3,259
Phillips Theological Seminary Campus, Online 145
Redlands Community College Campus, Online 2,574
Rogers State University Campus, Online 4,803
Rose State College Campus, Online 8,150
Southeastern Oklahoma State University Campus, Online 4,140
Southern Nazarene University Campus, Online 2,098
Southwestern Oklahoma State University Campus, Online 5,263
Tulsa Community College Campus, Online 20,154
University of Central Oklahoma Campus, Online 17,239
University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center Campus, Online 3,590
University of Oklahoma Norman Campus Campus, Online 27,138
University of Phoenix-Oklahoma City Campus Campus, Online, Hybrid 701
University of Phoenix-Tulsa Campus Campus, Online, Hybrid 679
University of Tulsa Campus, Online 4,092
Western Oklahoma State College Campus, Online 5,035